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Idassa - Ingeniería en seguridad

Construction projects

All industrial and/or commercial construction, whether new or modification of an existing one, requires obtaining the relevant permits and licences to legalise the works. At Idassa we manage all these legal requirements in order to successfully carry out your project, always respecting municipal, regional and state regulations.

We carry out all the documentation based on the legal regulations in force, as well as certifying and sealing it through the College of Industrial Engineers.

Construcción de naves industriales

Projects for the construction of new industrial buildings with an innovative design and structure.

Reformas interiores y exteriores

Interior and/or exterior refurbishment projects for commercial premises and industrial buildings.

Diseño y realización de planos digitales

Design and production of plans in digital format with 3D elevations for better understanding.

Gestión y dirección de obra

Management and project management for all types of industrial projects (civil works, industrial, manufacturing, design, etc.).

Plan de Seguridad y Salud

Coordination, Study and Health and Safety Plan in installations or works of any kind.

Licencias y permisos de obra

Management for obtaining all types of licences and building permits in accordance with legal regulations, whether municipal, regional or state.

Depuradoras de agua

Water treatment plants (with water purity results of up to 96%) for reuse in irrigation or other agricultural uses.

Procesos de recuperación de aguas

Water reclamation processes for industrial or agricultural and livestock use.