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Idassa - Ingeniería en seguridad

Video surveillance systems and services

We have the latest technology systems and means for obtaining live images and recording them for later viewing, even as legal evidence.

Sistemas de videovigilancia

Digital recording of images with the best compression and encryption technology with dedicated devices that ensure the recovery, handling and use of the recorded images. They also allow complex processing for automatic people counting processes, hot zone tracing, linear alarms…

Sistemas de videovigilancia

High Definition of all our cameras and video recorders. We do not work with a lower quality than Full HD and we have the possibility to install and configure systems up to 8 Mpixels both in real time and in recording.

Sistemas de videovigilancia

Visualisation of images via:

  • Satellite, WiMax, LTE…
  • Mobile Technology (4G, 3G, GPRS, UMTS…)
  • ADSL, Fibre Optic, ISDN
  • Implementation of VPNs
  •  Local Area Network (LANs)
Sistemas de videovigilancia

Real-time image display using the following devices:

  • SmartPhones such as iPhone or those with OS.
  • Android or Windows Mobile.
  • Tablets or iPad on Operating Systems such as Android or Windows Mobile.
  • Personal Computers or Servers with different Operating Systems such as Windows, Mac OS X or Linux.
Sistemas de videovigilancia

Design and installation of Control Rooms or Crisis Rooms with data concentration and multiple remote camera viewing locations.

Proyectos de instalaciones de sistemas de seguridad

Autonomous installations without the need for electricity or any additional infrastructure such as internet or telephone.
We make sure that you can view your installation from home, the office or anywhere in the world.

OUR devices

Cámaras de seguridad de óptica fija


Cámaras de seguridad robotizadas


Cámaras de seguridad con infrarrojos


Cámaras de seguridad térmicas


Cámaras de seguridad IP


Cámaras de seguridad sumergibles


Cámaras ocultas