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For Idassa as an engineering company, Europe has always been a benchmark in terms of generating standards for the electronic security industry. For some years now, a standard on security has been especially popular as it covers the aspects that determine and classify the different existing electronic security systems.

In this section we take the opportunity to explain some of the specifications and requirements of this standard for alarm installations in the residential, commercial, industrial, military and application-specific sectors.

The requirements include specifications that must be met both by the manufacturer of the equipment and by the companies that design and install the security system. In the following lines we show an overview of the information that applies to alarm installations according to the European standards EN 50131/PD6662.

All components must comply with the EN-50131/PD6662 standards. All components complying with the standard must be assigned a safety grade, which must be printed on the product, label or supporting documentation. The overall grade of an alarm system is the grade of the component with the lowest grade in the system.