Company Approved by the DGP No. 2878

Idassa - Ingeniería en seguridad

Characteristics of our systems

Based on the legal conditions and, above all, on the professional responsibility of an engineering company with more than 30 years of experience, we offer our clients guaranteed systems of reliability and robustness with the following main characteristics:


No false alarms due to inclement weather or animals (birds, cats, dogs…). Detection by means of the following elements: Infrared barriers, outdoor PIR sensor, buried differential pressure sensor and fence sensor.

Sistemas interiores de protección


With high security detectors with dual technology, grade 3 with event analysis (allowing the presence of pets).

Centrales de alarma bidireccionales


With voice synthesiser, can be domotised for domestic or industrial devices by means of PLC and Scada systems.

Transmisión a central receptora


For notification of customers and security forces.

We specialise in integral high security installations for large industries, embassies, military zones, high performance estates and high standing villas. All our installations only use Grade 3 and Grade 4 material. Therefore, if the situation requires it, we carry out installations entirely using Grade 4 material, both for interior and perimeter (exterior) systems. Using modern techniques we adjust the detectors with the highest precision, allowing us to know exactly what has happened in the event of an event. Our services do not include compulsory fees and include the possibility of having a Central Receiving Centre service with direct communication with the State Security services, so that they can protect your installations in the event of any incident without the need to go to them.